Dr. Jesse Arlen’s Zoom lecture series on Medieval Armenian Poetry Begins Tonight

Tonight at 7:00pm ET by Zoom Zohrab Center director Dr. Jesse Arlen will deliver the first lecture in a two-semester series offered through St. Nersess Armenian Seminary’s Public Lecture Series, entitled, “An Introduction to Medieval Armenian Poetry.”

Part I of this series will consist of six lectures delivered on the following dates: Oct 20, Nov 3, Nov 10, Nov 17, Dec 1, Dec 8.

Register for the Zoom meetings here:

Series Description

After the invention of the Armenian alphabet in the fifth century, the early centuries of Armenian literature are dominated by prose: theological and philosophical treatises, histories, hagiographies, commentaries, and the like. Nevertheless, the premodern Armenian literary tradition also boasts a vast and dazzling array of poetic texts, which are generally less well known to scholars and novices alike. This two-semester public lecture series will introduce the medieval Armenian poetic tradition, including sharagans, odes, lyrics, laments, poetic prayers, as well as love and wisdom poetry. This vast array of material spanning over ten centuries was composed both in the classical literary idiom as well as a form of the language closer to the vernacular, known as middle Armenian. Attention will also be paid to interchange and contact with neighboring literary and poetic traditions, such as Greek, Persian, and Arabic.

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