Book Talk: The Poetry of Misak Medzarents by Dr. James R. Russell

Come to the Zohrab Center to learn from Harvard University Mashtots Professor of Armenian Studies (Emeritus), Dr. James R. Russell: he will speak about the life and work of the great Western Armenian lyric poet, Misak Medzarents. 

The lecture will take place in-person at the Zohrab Information Center on Wednesday, October 19th, 2022 at 7:00pm ET.

This talk will draw on Dr. Russell’s recent publication, Misak Medzarents: The Complete Lyric Poems (Armenian Series no. 12. The Press at California State University, Fresno, 2020), a translation and commentary of Medzarents’ complete poetic works, the first of its kind in any foreign language.

You may read a review of the book by Zohrab Center director, Dr. Jesse Arlen, at this link.

The book is available for purchase from the NAASR bookstore or Abril Books.

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  1. sylva portoian

    Great work … Worth to read the poems Sylva Portoian,MD,MSc,MFPHM,FRCP.CH (UK) (Pediatrician & Poet) Winner of The Carnegie Poetry Prize, Spring 2009 * *Twenty Historical Poetry Books in three languages globally. and 10 medical articles in international journals including The Lancet.

    On Fri, 23 Sept 2022 at 06:45, The Krikor and Clara Zohrab Informati

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