Week 2 Readings for Tenny Arlen Poetry Reading Group

The second session of the 5-week reading group around Tenny Arlen’s book of poetry “To Say with Passion: Why Am I Here?” (Կիրքով ըսելու՝ ինչո՞ւ հոս եմ) meets tonight by Zoom.


Last week UCLA Western Armenian professor Dr. Hagop Kouloujian discussed Tenny Arlen’s linguistic and creative journey, from growing up with no Armenian knowledge until the age of 20 when she then began an intensive study of Armenian language and literature at UCLA and soon after began composing original poetry of her own. The three poems discussed last week touched on themes of creativity, language, the power of speech, and poetics. 

The discussion of this week’s readings will be led by Dr. Jesse Arlen, director of the Zohrab Information Center and the late poet’s older brother.

Tonight’s readings:

Բառեր (էջ 12–13) | Words (p. 4–5)
Արծաթէ սանդուխը (էջ 14–15) | The Silver Staircase (p. 6)
Զարթնում (էջ 20–21) | Awaking (p. 9)
Մեծ քաղաքը (էջ 32–33) | The Big City (p. 15)
Մշուշ (էջ 36–37) | Mist (p. 17)
Երազ (էջ 56–57) | Dream (p. 28)
Պատուհան (էջ 62–63) | Window (p. 31)

PDFs of the book are available in Armenian and English.

The book is available for purchase here. Or, be in touch directly with Jesse Arlen to arrange payment and shipping (zohrabcenter@armeniandiocese.org)


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