Rutgers Armenian Club Visits Zohrab Center

The Rutgers University Armenian Club recently took time out of their busy school schedules to spend an evening in the Zohrab Center, learning more about the center’s resources as well as about their culture and heritage.

On Friday, April 22, 10 enthusiastic and inquisitive Rutgers Armenian Club members were introduced to the center’s library collection – which consists of over 20,000 books ranging from Armenian history to literature – as well as numerous journals, periodicals and newspapers from around the world. They learned about the history of the Zohrab Center and its significance not only to the local Armenian community but to the Armenian diaspora as a whole. In particular, the students enjoyed the “treasures” of the Zohrab Center, which includes the first Armenian Bible printed in Amsterdam in 1666, ancient Armenian coins, and “himayils” (Armenian scrolls).

The group was excited about their visit and hoped to make an annual trip to the Zohrab Center with their organization. It was certainly a pleasure to welcome the Rutgers Armenian Club to the Zohrab Center!

Rutgers Armenian Club members with Zohrab Center coordinator Taleen Babayan (right)
Rutgers Armenian Club members

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