Updated Duplicate List of Books

As we had posted earlier in the summer, the Zohrab Center has hundreds of duplicate copies of books. The library is willing to donate these texts to individuals and/or organizations interested in enriching their collections. To request a copy of a book, please email zohrabcenter@gmail.com. Please click here for the duplicate list.

2 thoughts on “Updated Duplicate List of Books

  1. Fr. Haigazoun Najarian

    This is great service you are doing, however.-
    Please note that apart from providing the title of the book (which is not fully presented sometiimes), the author, place of print and date are important.
    If you say Taniel Varoujan, Yerger, that does not say which works of the author are included. Those authors who have written in the West, one would like to read it in the proper spelling ie Western Armenian, which is not the case when printed in Yerevan! I know most of this work is done by volunteers somebody must chek the typos.
    Thanks, with prayers,
    Hayr Haigazoun

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