Actor Hrach Titizian Speaks about Broadway Debut, Career

Hrach speaking about his acting career and role in the Broadway play "Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo"

The plaza of St. Vartan Cathedral served as the stage for Broadway actor Hrach Titizian, who recently starred alongside Robin Williams in the critically acclaimed play “Bengal Tiger at the Baghdad Zoo.”

The Los Angeles-based actor took time out of his busy schedule and agreed to speak to a group of enthusiastic Armenian-Americans on Monday evening, June 20, in an event hosted by the Krikor and Clara Zohrab Information Center of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern) and the Armenian Network of America, Greater New York Region.

In New York City since last February, Hrach has been busy performing for sold-out audiences twice a day, six days a week. The play, written by Rajiv Joseph, takes place shortly after the fall of Baghdad in 2003, and examines the meaning of life amid destruction and despair. Hrach – very convincingly –  played Uday, one of Saddam Hussein’s sons who is killed during the war. The play completed its run on July 3.

Hrach, 32, spoke about his role in “Bengal Tiger,” as well as his acting career, which includes roles in the hit television series “24,” “NCIS,” and “Alias,” among many others. Talented and humble–a rare mix in the entertainment industry–Hrach spent time after his talk signing autographs and greeting guests. The evening also featured traditional Armenian music by the John Vartan Ensemble and a wine and cheese reception.

-Taleen Babayan

Actor Hrach Titizian being interviewed by Karine Kocharyan of the Voice of Armenians news program
Guests at the event

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