Zohrab Center’s Book of the Week – “Sacred Wrath: The Selected Poems of Vahan Tekeyan”

“Sacred Wrath: The Selected Poems of Vahan Tekeyan” contains 68 of this prolific writer’s works. The poems, published both in Armenian and in English (translated by Diana Der Hovanessian and Marzbed Margossian), fall under the themes of love, patriotism and religion. Some of the author’s most acclaimed poems are in this book, including “The Armenian Church,” “Your Name,”  and “The Armenian Spirit.”

To learn more about Vahan Tekeyan, please visit our “cultural tidbits” section.








The Zohrab Center’s library collection contains over 20,000 books and resources ranging from Armenian literature, history and religion to Armenian newspapers, journals and periodicals. Each week, one of the center’s holdings will be highlighted to familiarize the general public about the contents of the Zohrab Center.


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