Archbishop Aykazian Speaks with Diocesan Interns

Archbishop Vicken Aykazian, Legate of the Diocese of the Armenian Church of America (Eastern) spoke to the summer interns at the Armenian Diocese on Thursday July 15. In an informal setting over tea and breakfast, the amiable Archbishop Aykazian covered many topics during the discussion, including the qualities of a good leader, the current political and economic situation in Armenia, the acceptance of the Armenian Genocide, as well as his work with Habitat for Humanity and many ecumenical movements including the National Council of Churches, of which he was the former President.

The interns were very interested in what Archbishop Aykazian had to say and asked probing questions about his efforts in having the genocide in Sudan recognized, the situation of the Armenian Patriarchate in Istanbul, and his thoughts on Armenian assimilation throughout the world.

“In our discussion today, not only did we get a glimpse of Vicken Srpazan’s wisdom, but also his sense of humor and ability to engage everyone he is in contact with,” said Zohrab Center intern Haig Monokian, who will be a freshman at Villanova in the fall. “He is a great example for people all over the world and makes me proud to be an Armenian.”

“It was truly inspiring to listen to Vicken Srpazan speak to us today at the Zohrab Center,” said Zohrab Center intern Nicole Saglamer, a sophomore at NYU. “His charismatic nature and positive attitude were not only insightful, but also an inspiration to the Armenian youth and leaders of the future.”

Added Rachel Goshgarian, director of the Zohrab Center, “We were very happy that His Eminence Archbishop Aykazian accepted our invitation to speak with interns in the Zohrab Center. He spent a lot of time with them and spoke about issues dear to their hearts. His humility and openness to the younger generation is indication of his natural leadership.”

2 thoughts on “Archbishop Aykazian Speaks with Diocesan Interns

  1. Grateful Gregory

    Wow, these interns really do have the life. I think it’s amazing that these young people have access to such great resources and oppurtunities. I hope, for their sake, that they understand and appreciate the amazing blessing they have been given.

  2. Eznik M.

    I follow this website all the way from Toronto and this article warmed my heart so much that I had to leave my first comment! To see the leaders of our future sitting together and feeling inspired by one of Church’s greats, is a strong indication that our future is in good hands. I am so thankful that our bright young Armenians have a forum in which to contribute to our cultural fabric, all the while strengthening their ties to our rich history and hallowed past.

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