Intern Program Thriving at Zohrab Center

The Zohrab Center opens its doors to college students who serve as interns in the center throughout the year. The interns undertake many different responsibilities, most importantly, cataloguing books in the Zohrab Center’s impressive collection. While all of the English books in the Zohrab Center have been catalogued (approximately 6,000 books) there are still close to 8,000 Armenian books left to catalogue. This catalogue will be accessible on-line through the Zohrab Center website. Other intern tasks include digitizing videos and assisting with research and projects at the Zohrab Center.

Levon Vrtanesyan

Senior at NYU studying business

“Being surrounded by people who share similar interests to mine while living in Manhattan as an undergrad at NYU has been a consistent source of support and encouragement.”

Henry Dumanian

Junior at Hunter College studying political science and history

“I like the academic atmosphere and the center’s commitment to preserving the community’s Armenian intellectual vibrancy,” said Dumanian, adding, “I’ll always have a connection to the ZC one way or another for the rest of my life.”

Other interns include Olivia Whitney Drabicki, Artlet Korogluyan, Greg Kirkorian, Gloria Munoz, Deanna Cachoian-Schanz, Levon Vrtanesyan and Raffi Wartanian.

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