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Zohrab Center Online Catalog

CLICK HERE to view the Zohrab Information Center’s online catalogue.

Armenian-language materials are catalogued according to the Library of Congress transcription system:

Աa  Բb  Գg  Դd  Եe  Զz  Էē  Ըĕ  Թt’  Ժzh   Իi  Լl  Խkh  Ծts  Կk  Հh  Ձdz  Ղgh  Ճch

Մm  Յy  Նn  Շsh  Ոo  Չch’  Պp  Ջj  Ռṙ  Սs  Վv  Տt  Րr  Ցts’  Ւw  Փp’  Քk’  Օō  Ֆf  Ուu

  1. Dr Gagik Tamanian permalink

    I need to buy The Armenian Liturgy music score (by Makar Ekmalian) for the church in GB. Can you help me with that?

  2. Nayeri permalink

    Where do I find the Online Catalog if there is one? Are these scanned Armenian books?

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