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About the Zohrab Center

ZohrabLogoCroppedThe Krikor and Clara Zohrab Information Center (ZIC) is a resource, research and teaching facility that seeks to promote the full gamut of Armenian studies, and to assist students, scholars and the Armenian community and general public in deepening their appreciation for Armenian history, civilization and culture, especially within their overwhelmingly Christian ambit.

The heart of the Zohrab Center is its research library, whose holdings exceed 40,000 books, periodicals, photographs and other resources in all areas of Armenian Studies. Particularly rich are the Center’s collection of Armenian periodicals and newspapers from throughout the world, a vast collection of 19-20th century Armenian literature, and a precious treasury of rare books and manuscripts. Thousands of titles are found in no other library in the western hemisphere. The online library catalog allows anyone with an internet connection to search for materials.

Krikor Zohrab (1861-1915)

Krikor Zohrab (1861-1915)

The Zohrab Center was established through the generous gift of Mrs. Dolores Zohrab Liebmann in memory of her parents, and dedicated on November 8, 1987 in the presence of His Holiness Vasken I (†1994), Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians;  and His Eminence Archbishop Torkom Manoogian (†2012), Primate of the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church of America. Liebmann’s father, Krikor Zohrab 1861-1915), was a renowned author, jurist, humanitarian and community activist in Constantinople, who was among the first Armenian intellectuals killed in the 1915 Genocide.

Jesse S. Arlen is the current director of the Zohrab Center.

The ZIC is open to the public Monday through Friday during business hours by appointment.  

  1. Diana Houtman permalink

    My maiden name was Zohrab & I live in New Zealand where a branch of the family settled in the 18th century. I am planning a visit to Armenia & Persia (Iran) during 2014. We will also be visiting New York & are interested in visiting the Zohrab Centre. Please can you advise the exact location so we an endeavour to make accommodation arrangements in the general area.

    With thanks

    Diana Houtman (Zohrab)

    • We are located at the Eastern Diocese of the Armenian Church, 630 Second Avenue, New York, NY. I will be delighted to meet you when you are in New York. Please contact me when your travel plans are set.

      • Diana Houtman permalink

        Thank you Daniel. We have now finalised our dates. I am visiting Armenia & Iran in September & will be in New York from October 15-19 inclusive.

  2. I am looking for the English translation of a poem by Barouyr Sevag called “Mother’s Hands.” Can you please advise ASAP is such a translation is available. thanks, Ara Jeknavorian

  3. Sandra I. Markarian Riley permalink

    I have my father’s story that he wrote himself in Armenian. Can you advise me where I could get it translated? He was a survivor of the massacres from Kessrig and died in 1995. It is beautifully written but I cam unable to translate it myself.

    • Thank you for writing. Your question is one I hear all the time. There are so many personal stories written by Armenians who lived in fascinating and dramatic times. These are often of great historical value, as they are first-hand primary sources for history and Armenian civilization. Unfortunately we lack sufficient qualified translators who are able to attend to this great work. We would be delighted to receive a copy of your father’s manuscript in the original Armenian, to be housed and catalogued here at the Zohrab Center, where it may well attract the attention of a translator and/or historian. Feel free to send a scan to us at –Fr. Daniel Findikyan, Director, ZIC.

  4. Sandra I. Markarian Riley permalink

    Thank- you, I will discuss with my brother Ralph. You were at St. Mary Armenian
    Church in Washington and did the Hokehankist for my parents, Nigoghos and Varsenig Markarian in October.

  5. Jirayr Shoushanyan permalink

    I hope you like this new play inspired by the Musa Dagh 1915 refugee camp in Port Said.

  6. Tom Maentz permalink

    A new book entitled ‘Mel’s Murder’ brings attention to the Armenian genocide. Author J.F. Paulsen married into an Armenian family and this is his second effort to shed light on the atrocities of genocide. The novel is available at Amazon (

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