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New Site Provides Access to Armenian E-Books

July 21, 2010

Dr. Mikael Nichanian of the Bibiothèque Nationale de France-Paris has created a new site,, which boasts a collection of Armenian novels, short stories, plays, books and poetry that have been digitized so these resources can be accessed by people around the world. Visit to read works by Daniel Varoujan, Yervant Odian, Rouben Sevag, and many many more, at the comfort of your own computer. 

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  1. Janine permalink

    Are any of these works in translation into English? I do not read Armenian nor speak it well.

  2. Martina permalink

    Fabulous! Like I stepped into a time machine. These literary works are the jewels of our culture. Bravo to the Frenchman for putting it together.

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